The End (has no end)

(we’re a little late on this post, but pardon us, we’ve all been a little busy…)

After two weeks of welcoming more than 600* visitors to our humble gallery on 16 Marshall Road, and a year or so of hectic/stressful/ fun/exciting preparations, we’re locking the front door and deinstalling the works in our little Peranakan shophouse for good**.

It’s been an unbelievably fantastic journey – unbelievable in the sense that we actually managed to pull this off and enjoyed every minute (ok — maybe every day) of it, and fantastic in the sense that all of you have been wonderful enough to show your support. It’s also incredibly encouraging and heartening to know that there are so many people out there who love, or at least like, art, to an extent enough to traipse down to a small lane in Katong to view just ten works by ten humble artists. (Sure, we know the Katong Laksa was a big draw, but comeon… just work with me here.)

So, we would all like to say an obscenely huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you for visiting P L A C E. Cliché as it sounds we really couldn’t have done it without you. It’s over for now, but we’ll see you soon.


*655 to be exact

**well, not really. We’ll be back 😉


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quick, post your box!

For those who have taken a pinhole postal box, just a reminder to post your box as soon as possible. The collection box will be taken down on the 27th of August so do post your boxes at least a week in advance. Though the show is over, I will still process your box and upload the photos at

I aim to wrap up this project by the end of August so check back again and hopefully your photo will be up:)

Thank you for participating!

31 July 2011, boxes that have returned home 🙂


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And our 600th visitor to  P L A C E  today is…



He was on a tight schedule, but was kind enough to stop by and view some of the works – just 2 hours shy of closing time on our last day of exhibiting!


He also signed our guestbook!


which we’re auctioning off with a starting price of SGD1000.00!


…just kidding :p


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c’est pas fini!

Tomorrow is the last day we will be opening  P L A C E  to the public – if you still have yet to make a trip down to Katong to our shophouse gallery (where have you been?!), you know what to do!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P L A C E, as usual, will be open from 12pm-8pm tomorrow.

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Just a quick shout-out to the bunch of people who were involved in the conflict today. We’re very sorry, and would like to assert that what happened wasn’t representative in any way of the PLACE team, nor was it reflective at all of our intentions. Unfortunately we could not get your names or where you’re from before you left, but if you see this, please e-mail us at – we will be more than happy to try to work something out with you. Once again, we would like to apologise unreservedly.

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So H-Utt!!

Whoa!! Guess who popped by today. He says he’s not  MTV VJ Utt… what do you guys think? 😉





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Pinhole Perfect!

Boxes have been pouring in!!

Here are some of the earliest that have been developed. To see more, click here. New pictures are updated every day! Check back to see yours soon. 🙂

Box 121, Jonathan Goh, 16 Marshall Road on duty
Box 20, Yingtong Tan, Jalan Haji Salam
Box 6, Benjamin Thean Mountbatten Road, (on the ground)

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